Psychic Medium Adam

(Left, James Van Praagh. Right, Adam.)

About Adam 

As a young boy Adam knew he was different. He knew things before they happened, he knew things that had happened years before he was born. And he knew things about people that no-one else did. Growing up in Germany, in a strict catholic family, Adams gift was unfortunately not looked upon as special. He was punished harshly and chastised for his insight, so to protect himself he tucked his ability inside and attempted to ignore it.

Venturing out on his own at the young age of 16, Adam worked in many occupations, from fitter welder to truck driver. His gift of knowing grew over these years and Adam gave free readings to those in need. It wasn't until he was in his mid 20s that he decided to understand and learn his gift at a deeper level, and with great determination and focus he did exactly that.

As a Psychic Medium, Adam has helped countless individuals for over 30 years with issues in family, health, finance and more in Germany, Ireland, England, France, Holland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Finland, Miami and Canada. He has also been invited to be a guest on numerous radio shows, K - Rock in Ontario Canada being the most recent. But most importantly, Adam has brought great comfort and joy into the lives of many families and individuals needing to connect with their loved ones who have crossed over to the otherside. Adam is a genuine healer of the soul!